VW Sharan repair

. Diesel engines: 1,9 l of TDI.
+ 1. Introduction
+ 2. VR6 engine
+ 3. Two-liter engine (ADY)
+ 4. System of greasing of the engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. System of injection of fuel of the VR6 engine
+ 7. Simos system of injection of fuel of the 2,0-liter engine
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Mechanical 5-step transmission
+ 11. Shaft of a drive of wheels
+ 12. Hydraulic booster of a steering
+ 13. Forward suspension bracket
+ 14. Back suspension bracket
- 15. Brake system
   + 15.1. Adjustment of brake system
   - 15.2. Disk brakes of forward wheels
      15.2.1. Check of thickness of overlays of brake shoes
      15.2.2. Removal and installation of forward brake shoes
      15.2.3. Dismantling and assembly of the brake mechanism of a forward wheel
      15.2.4. Removal and installation of a brake support of forward wheels
   + 15.3. Brakes of back wheels
   15.4. Processing of brake disks
   + 15.5. Main brake cylinder
   15.6. Check of the vacuum amplifier of a brake drive
   15.7. Pumping of brakes
   + 15.8. Parking brake
   + 15.9. ABS system (anti-blocking brake system)
+ 16. Electric equipment
+ 17. Diesel engine
+ 18. System of greasing of the diesel engine
+ 19. System of cooling of the diesel engine
+ 20. Power supply system of the diesel engine and turbokompressor
+ maintenance Card
+ Specifications and characteristics
+ Elektroskhema

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Repair Sharan/Sharan Volkswagen>> Brake system>> Disk brakes of forward wheels>> Check of thickness of overlays of brake shoes
When braking load of brake shoes of forward disk brakes more than on back brake shoes. In this regard they wear out quicker.
Before changing brake shoes, it is necessary to measure thickness of slips on brake shoes. Service life of brake shoes is calculated approximately on 50 000 km of run of the car during which periodically check thickness of slips on brake shoes. There is a rule that under adverse conditions of driving of 1 mm of an overlay of a brake shoe the minimum for 1000 km grinds off. Usually slips serve much more long.
For a rough estimate of thickness of overlays of brake shoes which should be seen off regularly, illuminate a portable lamp in an observation port of a support and visually estimate thickness of overlays of brake shoes.
For exact determination of thickness of overlays of brake shoes it is necessary to remove a forward wheel (поддомкратив a forward part of the car and having turned out bolts fixing a wheel) and to measure thickness of an external and internal brake shoe. If the thickness of a slip together with a brake shoe makes 7 mm, the limit of wear of a slip and a block is reached it is necessary to replace. The thickness of a block without a slip makes 5 mm and wear of a slip till thickness of 2 mm is limiting.

Brake shoes always replace in pairs (in a set of 4 pieces) even if the slip of only one block and at the same time on both brake mechanisms of forward wheels wore out. To rearrange in places brake shoes it is forbidden.