VW Sharan repair

. Diesel engines: 1,9 l of TDI.
+ 1. Introduction
+ 2. VR6 engine
+ 3. Two-liter engine (ADY)
+ 4. System of greasing of the engine
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. System of injection of fuel of the VR6 engine
+ 7. Simos system of injection of fuel of the 2,0-liter engine
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Mechanical 5-step transmission
+ 11. Shaft of a drive of wheels
+ 12. Hydraulic booster of a steering
+ 13. Forward suspension bracket
+ 14. Back suspension bracket
+ 15. Brake system
- 16. Electric equipment
   + 16.1. Storage battery
   - 16.2. Generator
      16.2.1. Precautionary measures at work in power supply system
      16.2.2. Generator check
      16.2.3. Removal and generator installation
      16.2.4. Generator repair
   + 16.3. Starter
   + 16.4. Screen wipers
   + 16.5. Headlights
   16.6. Back lamps
   16.7. Replacement of lamps of forward indexes of turn
+ 17. Diesel engine
+ 18. System of greasing of the diesel engine
+ 19. System of cooling of the diesel engine
+ 20. Power supply system of the diesel engine and turbokompressor
+ maintenance Card
+ Specifications and characteristics
+ Elektroskhema

Repair Sharan/Sharan Volkswagen>> Electric equipment>> Generator>> Precautionary measures at work in power supply system
At work in power supply system for avoidance of receiving a trauma or damage of devices of the system, observe the following precautionary measures:
- do not allow operation of the generator from disconnected AB. It will cause emergence of short-term retension on a conclusion of the generator which can damage a regulator of tension and electronic devices in an onboard network of the car;
- check of operability of the generator on "spark" even is forbidden by short-term connection of a conclusion of the generator with "weight". To check the generator it is possible only by means of the ampermeter and the voltmeter;
- never confuse among themselves wires of a regulator of tension;
- never include a tension regulator if it is connected somehow to "weight", differently there will be its immediate damage;
- never remove the generator if AB is not disconnected from an onboard network;
- at AB installation pay attention to that "minus" the wire was attached to "weight";
- check of electroconducting of the car megommetry is forbidden or a lamp fed by tension more than 12 V.Esli such check is necessary, previously it is necessary to disconnect wires from the generator;
- if AB is established in the car and its additional charge by the charger is planned, disconnect from conclusions of AB both of a wire. Correctly connect the charger to AB conclusions;
AB "minus" always should incorporate to "weight", and "plus" – to be connected to a generator conclusion. Erroneous return inclusion of AB will immediately cause damage of the rectifier and a tension regulator;
- at electric welding of knots and details of a body of the car it is necessary to disconnect wires from all conclusions of the generator and AB.