VW Sharan repair

. Diesel engines: 1,9 l of TDI.
+ 1. Introduction
+ 2. VR6 engine
+ 3. Two-liter engine (ADY)
+ 4. System of greasing of the engine
+ 5. Cooling system
- 6. System of injection of fuel of the VR6 engine
   6.1. Precautionary measures at work on repair of system of injection
   6.2. A principle of work of ESUD under various conditions
   - 6.3. Injection system
      6.3.1. Electronic control unit
      6.3.2. Butterfly valve case
      6.3.3. Regulator of pressure of supply of fuel
      6.3.4. Fuel nozzles
      6.3.5. The sensor of temperature cooling жидкостси
      6.3.6. Sensor of a mass consumption of air
   + 6.4. Malfunctions of system of injection
   + 6.5. Work on repair and service of system of injection
   6.6. Cable of a drive of a butterfly valve
   + 6.7. Electric fuel pump
   6.8. Fuel filter
   6.9. The fuel level sensor in a tank
   6.10. Air filter
+ 7. Simos system of injection of fuel of the 2,0-liter engine
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Mechanical 5-step transmission
+ 11. Shaft of a drive of wheels
+ 12. Hydraulic booster of a steering
+ 13. Forward suspension bracket
+ 14. Back suspension bracket
+ 15. Brake system
+ 16. Electric equipment
+ 17. Diesel engine
+ 18. System of greasing of the diesel engine
+ 19. System of cooling of the diesel engine
+ 20. Power supply system of the diesel engine and turbokompressor
+ maintenance Card
+ Specifications and characteristics
+ Elektroskhema

BYD G3 - про автомобиль BYD G3

Repair Sharan/Sharan Volkswagen>> System of injection of fuel of the VR6 engine>> Injection system>> Electronic control unit
EBU is the central control unit the engine. He receives information from sensors and operates executive mechanisms, providing optimum operation of the engine. EBU is located under the dashboard console in car salon.

EBU is the difficult electronic device. During operation and car maintenance dismantling of EBU is forbidden.

EBU receives from sensors, through a multicontact shtekerny block the following data:
from the plug of a starter 50 - data on the beginning and completion of work of a starter arrive;
from a butterfly valve potentiometer (it is located in the butterfly valve case) information on the provision of a butterfly valve arrives at present. Thereby it is carried out, in particular management of fuel interruption of supply as until the butterfly valve is in the provision of idling and frequency of rotation remains invariable, fuel inflow to the engine stops. Supply of fuel when braking by the engine is besides disconnected and the working mix is enriched at work with full loading;
from the Hall sensor (it is located sideways heads of cylinders and is actuated by a camshaft) information on frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine arrives. It provides switching off and inclusion of an electric current thanks to what there is a formation of a spark;
from a lambda probe (it is located in a forward part of final system) information on the content of oxygen in OG time arrives at present;
from the sensor of a mass consumption of air information on amount of the air which has arrived in the engine arrives;
from the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid (it is located in a branch pipe of cooling liquid over the thermostat) information on temperature of cooling liquid arrives and serves for correction of the moment of ignition and injection time on the cold and hot engine. On the basis of indications of this sensor there is an adjustment of a detonation, a retsirkulyatsiya of OG and idling turns;
from two sensors of a detonation (are established in the block of cylinders) information on what of cylinders is declined to a detonation (uncontrollable combustion of gas mixture) arrives. They allow EBU to regulate injection of fuel and an ignition advancing separately for each cylinder in this row and to synchronize compression impulses. Additional data on them can be found in (see the section 8).
Constantly receiving information described above on quantity of turns of the engine, power setting and its temperature, EBU counts duration of injection, i.e. duration of opening of nozzles and makes an exact dosage of amount of injected fuel. So-called universal characteristics which contain information on all possible conditions and power setting are integrated into a control unit, on their basis the exact choice of amount of fuel, and also the moment of ignition corresponding to it is carried out. If there is a fluctuation of temperature of let-in air or temperature of cooling liquid, the corresponding adjustment is made.